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      We (Synergy Engineering Advantage) Co.,Ltd. are the turnkey designers for the climate control system e.g. Ventilation System ,Evaporative Cooling System, HVAC ,Cleanroom , Air & Odor Filtration system and Dust Filtration System.In addition, we focus on new aeration systems for waste water .

      Our customer who got many problems about the heat, ordor , fume ,smoke , dust and bio waste water .We can design and give you the solution which follow as your requirements ,effectiveness and save your more expenditure.

      We provide you more engineering advantages for improvement your existing system by modern technologies e.g. EC fan in AHU in HVAC system can save more energy than  existing centrifugal fan.Bag filters dust collector retrofit to Sinter Filter will be your answer for FDA approved dust application and able washing filter media for reusing the filter for 5 to  10 years.

      Finally, your modified aeration tank for turbo blower that get higher efficiency or less energy loss .This can save 30-50% energy cost and plus more VSD control by DO sensor to give you more energy expenses.Moreover, flyer air diffusers is your better choice for easier maintenance and can save you more down time and  replacement air diffuser cost.

      At the dynamic era, competitive capability of your company is the first priority to concern.Look for us at 089-779-4884 .We will  strengthen your company  more effectiveness and  your company image.


Saving Energy

Environmental Friendly

Engineering Advantage