8. Retrofit Aeration System for waste water treatment.

        Cenventional Activated Sludge in Aeration Tank by fixed the support of the air diffuser at the bottom of the tank together with Root Blower .These are low efficiency and high loss in energy ,need more down time , difficult and high cost for empty tank and clean Tank for replacing air diffuser.

Root Blower and Fixed Air Diffuser

Turbo Blower and Flyer Air Diffuser

         The present innovation is created for improvement the existing in order to save more energy by using the turbo blower instead of root blower 30-50% and signal linked with DO sensor for more reduce energy consumption and worked together with Flyer Air Diffuser for easier.
        Maintenance and save more downtime for air diffuser replacement .No need to close the system therefore the bacteria still be alive  and no need to dumping the level of waste water and cleaning for maintenance .We do the turkey design ,commissioning test and user manual training and also After sales service.